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Female Driving Instructor Ilkeston Derbyshire
Female Driving Instructor Ilkeston Derbyshire
Female Driving Instructor Heanor Derbyshire
Pass Plus Driving Instructor
Female Driving Instructor Ilkeston Derbyshire
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Independent driving test Derby

The independent drive part of the test will last about 10 minutes.
The candidate will be asked to do ONE of the following:
1. Drive to a destination following traffic signs.
2. Drive following a series of verbal directions - Diagrams will be shown to candidates given verbal directions.
Drive using a combination of both of the above methods.
The diagrams may show a simple route path such as, "Follow to a road end and turn right - at the next road end turn left- at the roundabout turn right".
During the Independent Drive the candidate must still drive correctly as per the rest of the driving test including using correct observations, using mirrors correctly, obeying speed limits, road markings and signs etc, but completely independently, unaided and unprompted.
The test duration may also be increased to allow extra time for Independent Driving, and this may result in an increase in the test fee. Click the video below to see the changes from old to new test.

Pass 1st time Derby and Heanor
Pass 1st time Derby and Heanor

New Driving Test Changes

The start date for the new practical test is currently set for October 4th 2010.

The new driving test will have two major changes from the current test.

The first change is that you will only be required to carry out ONE driving manoeuvre instead of the current requirement for two manoeuvres. This is to allow more time for the new INDEPENDENT DRIVING part of the test which is the second and most significant change.

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